Investment Products

StepEx offers a range of products to investors (eligibility criteria applies) that accommodate varied risk return appetites. These products are comprised of Income Sharing Contracts (ISCs). For a full description of this asset class please click here. At the portfolio level assets can be invested in based on shared risk categorisation called a “Defined Fund” or by shared characteristics, a “Tailored Fund”. Investment is also available through a “Partner Fund” that are tailored by our partner wealth managers who tailor funds based on their analysis of the future workforce (please see the individual partners for eligibility criteria as these may differ from StepEx).

What we do


Borrower’s future earning profile predicted including the volatility of potential projections based on verified data.


Borrower’s classified into one of 3 risk categories based on the volatility of earning projections – categories from low to high; A, B and C.


A prediction of target return based on an investment amount and proportion of future earning projection.

Defined Investment

Defined funds enables investment in a portfolio of borrowers at a pre-determined target return and risk classification

Select Defined fund (A, B or C)

Specify how much you would like to invest in the fund

StepEx bids on borrowers that match the funds criteria until all the investment in the fund is depleted

Our Funds are composed of talented students pooled into three portfolios based on risk ratings (see below for more). You can choose what risk profile suits your need, and we invest for you.

Students disclose features in their profile such their age or area of study. These features are put through our multi-linear regression algorithm to predict the student's expected income. We then use the variance in the predicted income, industry macroeconomic risk, and data density as metrics to classify students. Students with similar risk profiles are pooled into funds with A, B, and C classifications with A being least risky and C having the most risk.

A Rated Fund

  • Target return: 6%
  • 5-year projected income variance: 4%
  • Representative borrower professions: Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants, Teachers

B Rated Fund

  • Target return: 7%
  • 5-year projected income variance: 8%
  • Representative borrower professions: Logistics, Marketing, Software Development

C Rated Fund

  • Target return: 8%
  • 5-year projected income variance: 12%
  • Representative borrower professions: Bankers, IT Professionals, other specialists

Product with comparable historic variance: Moody's Ba Bond

Tailored Fund

Tailored funds enables investment in a portfolio of borrowers with investor defined attributes

Select attributes e.g. qualification, university, demographics

Specify how much you would like to invest

StepEx bids on borrowers that match the fund criteria until all the investment funds are deployed

Partner Fund

Partner funds enables investment in a portfolio of borrowers with attributes that have been defined and updated by one of our partner wealth managers

Select the partner wealth manager you would like to invest through

Register with them as a client

Invest in a StepEx tailored fund

A list of partner funds coming soon.

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